Friday, August 6, 2010

Almost Done!

After many, many months of deciding whether or not I will be selling my artwork or not-I have finally made this decision. My art blog is officially open to the public. On it, you will notice a link to my Etsy shop (where all my originals will be up for sale).

Right now, I am posting a new painting on my Shop every one-two weeks. Like most others, I have other work responsibilities that will keep me from painting constantly. However, I will try my hardest to have new originals as often as possible!

Keep checking back periodically for updates and giveaways!

Super exciting!


  1. Way to go Cyndi. I love your art and am waiting till up put up my favorite piece. You are way talented and we love you. Mom

  2. Thank you Mom! As of right now I will be posting a new painting every week! I'm still waiting on getting the appropriate boxes to ship my stretched canvas pieces!